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SW: Hails from Istanbul. I want to thank you very much for excepting our interview bro. I must say that your album is one of my favorites of year 2014. Please tell us about your influences on music.

ANDY: Thanks! I'd say that a variety of Metal music, traditional Scottish Folk music and Post-Rock are my main musical influences for Saor. I also like to listen to classical, ambient, shoegaze and many other genres.

SW: What was the main reason that you changed the name of the band from Arsaidh to Saor? Is it a right strategy to do this after releasing a perfect album that may make fans confused?

ANDY: I had a few problems online and digitally with the name because of the accented "A" and I just grew to dislike it. Lots of bands have changed their name early on, so I don't really see a problem with it. It hasn't made that much difference really, the same people who liked the first album still follow my music under the name Saor.  

SW: Where do you live? I know you are from Scotland but the question is if you are living in a city or a natural places like a mountain house. Probably your life effects your music. Please tell us about the music creating sessions.

ANDY: I live in a small town near Glasgow at the moment. I am about a 20 minute drive away from the Highlands, so it's not all that bad. My family also have a home in the Isle of Skye, so I try and spend as much time as I can up there. The main inspiration for my music is the Scottish Highlands, I often go hillwalking, camping and trips up north as I get easily sick of the busy cities and towns.

SW: May you compare ‘Roots’ and ‘Aura’ for us?

ANDY: 'Roots' is definetly "darker" and more "black" metal sounding. 'Aura' is heavier, has more riffs, has more Scottish/Celtic folk and post-rock sections and I spent a lot more time writing and recording it compared to the first album.

SW: If I am wrong please correct me. Saor is a one man band. If yes, than will you have some session band members for live performences? I am totally sure that there are many people there who
will be pleased to see this music live on stage.

ANDY: Saor is currently a one man band but I wouldn't rule out adding new members in the future. I hope to arrange some live shows in the future and have a few friends who have offered to play
live for me.

SW: According to the last question, probably you are playing all the instruments right?

ANDY: I played all the instruments on 'Roots' but Austin Lunn (Panopticon, Seidr) played drums and Johan Becker played strings on 'Aura'.

SW: Tell me three bands which marked your soul whith their music.

ANDY: That's an extremely hard question! Sometimes I only like one album or one song from a band. I would say that Burzum - "Hvis lyset tar oss", Alcest - "Le Secret" and Windir - "Arntor" are the
three Metal albums that have marked my soul.

SW: Tell me your favorite writers and books.

ANDY: The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit are my favourite books. Everything by Tolkien is magical! I am also a history addict, so I read a lot of different books by a lot of different writers.

SW: These are our questions bro. Thanks for the answers. Let us hear your last words.

ANDY: Thanks for the interview! 'Aura' will be released on 6th June via Northern Silence Productions. You can keep up to date with Saor at

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