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SW: Hi, thank you for accepting our interview. Well, we have a very beautiful presented dungeon synth album here which named “The Shadow and The Flame” Congratulations for the good job. May you please tell us about the process of music writing? 

BAL: Hi ! Thanks a lot, I'm really happy that you enjoyed my work ! This album is for me one of my greatest work to date. I wanted to reach something really specific for this album in terms of atmosphere, translating my very personal interpretations of the Lord Of The Rings, as well as other Tolkien's works. Of course, "The Shadow And The Flame" had to be an improved successor of my first album "Khazad Dûm", which was more minimalist. To date, this is my most complete work, talking about the shape of sounds, the textures of my synths and the variety of medieval instruments used.

SW: Tolkien world is a very big and charming one which gives influences to the dungeon snyth musicians. My question is, why most of the dungeon synth musicians are prefering to have the influence from the dark side? No one is writing songs about humans, elves or dwarves. If there is, I didn’t see it. What makes the musicians prefer the dark side of the Tolkien world? 

BAL: I think that what makes Dungeon Synth so particular and attractive is the mysteries that could be hidden in a big and obscure castle for example. Its roots came from Black Metal, and most of the synths sounds that introduced this new "genre" were quite dark, to fit with the rest of the albums; even with an inspiration from Tolkien's world, so it were more accurate to write about this side of the story. But some Dungeon Synth projects have written about more luminous things, like Uruk-Hai who talked about almost every aspects of Tolkien's universe, or Sirion for his album "Quenta Silmarillion". For my part, I recently published "Night Settle On The Mountains", that deals with dwarves in the Hobbit story, and I still have some unpublished demos about more joyful things.

SW: Do you have new projects these days for the dungeon synth music fans? What are the plans for the future? 

BAL : For now, I am working on a new EP that might appear very soon. Some demos might follow, before a new album. I prefer testing new sounds in my demos before using them to create a whole new record. I'm also thinking about creating my own musical videos, and maybe a few shows.

SW: If you were a character in Tolkien world, which one it would be? 

BAL: Easily Morgoth. To me, he is one of the most thoroughed character in the books, as well as the most charismatic and feared by everyone.

SW: The album has twelve songs plus a bonus track and they surely all have a story to tell. In which chronology are the songs line up? 

BAL: Starting the introduction in Udûn, the next song directly introduce the Balrog and how I imagine him. The other songs are put together in a coherent set of sounds to my ears, and each one deals with a scenery that marked me greatly in my readings.

SW: Will there be a chance for Balrog fans to see this beautiful album on an LP version? 

BAL: I received a lot of requests about this format, I'm of course thinking about this too. It would be beautiful to be able to give this album the chance to be pressed on a vinyl, but for now I'm still looking for a label interesting in doing it !

SW:  Which one you prefer for your collection. LP, CD or Cassette? 

BAL: In my collection I own many cassettes, it's my favorite format, I find it particularly beautiful. We have the chance in the Dungeon Synth scene that a lot of labels still release a great amount of tapes like back in the days, and each one is unique and original. None of them disappoint on the quality.

SW: Ok, now I will choose a song and I will let you to tell us the story behind. “The book of the last knights” What’s the story behind? 

BAL: Great choice, because "The Book Of The Last Knights" is the first song I recorded for the album ! I composed this one as a rendering of the feelings of how you read a battle in a Tolkien book. You know, this kind of feeling as a child when you first hear a story about knights or chivalry. It's really epic in your head, and I wanted the listener to understand how I was blown away when reading those scenes, so that's why it is one of the most dynamic songs of the album. The song ends on a wasted battlefield and how the last knights still standing there perceive it. That's also why the next song, "The Swords In The Old Tomb" is very sad, because it deals with the feelings of loss and damage after the battle.

SW: What are the reactions for the album from all around the world and mostly from which country the fans are connecting to you from? 

BAL: Well, it seems that the fanbase is patriotic. Even if I received a lot of positive feedbacks from almost all around the world, most of my devoted supporters are in France or Europe. A great friend of mine who create videos about the world of Tolkien also used many of my songs for his channel in French. It's called "Glaz" so if you understand french, you can give it a try !

SW: Do you have connections with some other dungeon synth musicians? 

BAL: Yes, I'm on the scene since the very beginning and most of my friends / contacts are also a part of this wonderful genre. I worked with Erang and Uruk-Hai in the past, and more recently with ElixiR, The Inquisitor or my friend of Master Scarecrow. Many other ones of course, and I work with a lot of musicians and labels since many years for my other projects.

SW: These are our questions. Thank you again for accepting us. It will be our pleasure to hear if you have any last words. 

BAL: Well, thanks so much for your interesting questions ! I'd just want to thanks all the people who support my music, that's something really heartwarming for me every days. I wish Tolkien were still here so I can thanks him for his amazing works that still inspire people nowadays.

Thursday, September 13, 2018



SW: All hails to the punisher of misbehaved children. All hails to the dark side of Christmas. Stormwind is proud to have you for an interview. Please tell us where did this original idea of making Dungeon Synth music referenced on Krampus character come from?

KRA: Krampusnacht is the sole musical expression of the goat deity known as Krampus, which is me. So not a ‘character’ as such, but the living embodiment of the cryptid you are speaking directly to. I find the use of the word ‘Christmas’ offensive, but I guess I’m kinda used to it now *shrugs* So yeah, hails, and I hope all is well in Australia, some friends of mine live down there, the Bunyip, Akurra the snake, Jimmy Barnes, and Chopper Reid.

SW: May you please tell us about your creative process? Do you walk around the neighbours houses at night and watch misbehaved children when it is Christmas time?

KRA: Look mate, I’m not some kinda pervert, and if I’m looking through anyone’s window it’s not for their kids, it’s for their worldly possessions, see what I can rip off when they go hit the slopes for their winter holidays. However, if any of those little shits scream all excitedly when Santa delivers his lame gifts under the plastic tree, I start feeling a rumble in my tummy. Might get a bit peckish, may have a gobble.
The music I make is usually derivative of existing melodies and songs, but I at least play and re-record them to my own style, unlike ripping the midi file straight off the internet and pretending I sequenced it like that ElixiR guy’s Harry Potter album *vomits* - and, I suspect a fair few other artists who will all be exposed eventually.

SW: Is this a one album concept project, or shall we hear new material from Krampusnacht?

KRA: I’m currently working on a new album in time for December 6th, you know, Krampusnacht. This will incorporate music from around the world, used during various culture’s festive celebrations, and maybe the music of Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ – without consulting any composers, arrangers, or representatives of the cultures I’m appropriating, because you humans keep mis-representing cryptids, so fuck you!

SW: Does the winter season, especially the Christmas time, have an effect on your creativity?

KRA: Ah the fucking ‘C’ word again. I think even Jesus is sick of it. Anyway, definitely. The entire season tests my patience, dealing with all the St Nick worshippers, it stresses me out. Since the Roman Catholic Church shifted the date of Yuletide celebrations to the end of the month, after the night of the 6th, I usually get really fed up with all the commercialism, the shoppers, the shitty humans getting all excitable and fat, so, I hide away in my cabin, with vague memories of melodies I’ve heard playing at the supermarket, and rework them in my own style, which just happens to be dungeon synth. 
You keep saying it’s winter, but I know in Australia during December-January, it’s summer, so I try to avoid most of the southern hemisphere during this time. I have a very furry coat.  

SW: Please tell us about the reactions from the Dungeon Synth community, to the album.

KRA: Mostly good, there were some pissed off nerds who thought a ‘holiday’/’christmas’ themed dungeon synth album was an abomination to their precious genre. However, they failed to see the point. This is not a fucking CHRISTmas album, these are not originally Christian songs, they originate from folk melodies, pub songs, reels, chants, nature worship, pantheism. Not churches! 
So the 2 people lamenting the so-called ‘death of dungeon synth’ can munch on my giant goat-demon 3-headed phallus. 

SW: Did you watch the movie Krampus which was released in 2015? If yes, do you think that movie shows the real horror of Krampus?

KRA: It’s certainly a faithful representation of my loyal cohorts and their general distaste for the period. That said, they’d never be caught dead in such gauche footwear. What sort of practicality do loops above ones foot serve? Otherwise, it was certainly an entertaining and rather inspiring piece. I’ll be sure to utilise some of the guerilla tactics those characters displayed before the years end.

SW:  If you see Krampus in your house near the fireplace when it is Christmas, what will the first thing be to say?

KRA: I’ll look in the mirror, and say “This is not my beautiful house!? This is not my beautiful wife!” Then leave. But actually, I’ll be in my own fucking house at Christmas. Avoiding all the cheerful frivolity, fulfilling mail orders and putting coal in people’s letterboxes.

SW: Are you also interested in the bright side of the Christmas and Santa? If yes, then will you also create a music about the bright side too?


SW: What does creating a dungeon synth album mean to you? Is that a way to Express yourself?

KRA: Well, I really wanted to redefine the music that’s often associated with Christmas, it should be taken away from Christmas and re-paganised. Even the most popular Carols, Hymns and narratives around the Christmas story were taken from European pagan traditions. That was my original intention. I heard later that some people on an internet page were talking about doing this first, and Krampusnacht ultimately beat them to it, without even engaging them. 
Also, sales for this particular release were good too. The self titled album helped pay my high rent up here in Greenland over the winter period, my regular job shuts down for a month and a half, and I’m out of work for a bit. The energy bills and rates went up, and last year, I was clocking in enough dollars every week to shout myself some expensive whisky and a few cigars with my holiday pay, and the album sales just sweetened the deal. Hey I’m getting older, I’m allowed to treat myself now. So thanks to everyone who supported the debut, I even sold an album in Dubai! I hope the follow up/sophomore album will share a similar success, complete with a cassette release. I’ll leave it to my record label Goblin Terror to deal with that shit though, I just make the music, I don’t control where it ends up. 

SW: These are our questions. Thanks for being a guest to Stormwind pages. It will be our pleasure to hear if you have any last words.

KRA: Well, don’t mind me for correcting a few spelling errors on the way, hey English is my second language too! I probably made a few grammatical errors anyway. I’ll take a closer look at your zine once I learn how to type with these hooves. If you need any pictures, I don’t have any current ones – but there are plenty of historical images of me on google, just please only use the public domain stuff, or the pics from bandcamp, not someone else’s precious artwork. 
Thanks for your questions, please remove Christmas from your calendars and replace it with Winter Solstice, Yuletide, the Wild Hunt, Mōdraniht, Krampusnacht, Hogmanay, Kwanzaa, fucking Yaksmas, Snowflake Day, Snoggletog, Prixin...anything but Christmas!

Thanks, Krampus. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018



SW: It is our honour to have Bavingr here on Stormwind Fanzine for an interview.  Thanks for accepting us. Please tell us about the roots. When did you start to make dungeon synth music and what made you to got to this magickal path of the music world? 

BAV: I’d heard the term “dungeon synth” on the No Clean Singing blog, Google led me to a Bandcamp round up article which mentioned Fief, Old Tower, Sequestered Keep etc. I started to make dungeon synth music in February this year, so I’m extremely new to it! There were two albums in particular that really inspired me to create my own music: “Ruins” by Sidereal Fortress & “Midvintersagor” by Örnatorpet. Both were self-produced first albums and I thought “I wish I could do that... hang on, why don’t I?!”. Listening to the tracks on “Ruins” I learned about how to layer tracks and build them up, whereas “Midvintersagor” is just pure magic and beautiful melodies.

SW: What does the name Bavingr mean and which language is that? 

BAV: It doesn’t mean anything, it’s a made up word. I spent quite a long time trying to come up with a name that hadn’t been used before. I am an obsessive user of Last.FM, which tracks all the music you listen to and compiles charts of your top artists, albums etc – it’s great but there is no artist disambiguation – so I might be listening to the excellent Spanish DS artist Morannon, but the Last.FM thinks it is the German black metal band. I didn’t want that to happen to my music. Google “Båvingr” and all you will find is my music.

SW: When I check the song titles, I see a prologue and an epilogue which means that this album tells us a story. What is the story that you are telling us in your melodies? 

BAV: There’s no “story” per se... I was inspired by the painting of J.W. Waterhouse (pre-raphaelite artist). He painted three pictures of the goddess/witch Circe, a character from the Odyessy by Homer. The three main tracks (“Offering the Cup”, “Circe Invidiosa” & “The Sorceress”) refer to the titles of these painting (pictures are included with the digital album). The prologue “Homer” is about the blind old poet in ancient Greece, the epilogue “Waterhouse” is about the painter, now an old man.

SW: I see you are prefering to present your music on a cassette. I believe cassette is the most fitting format for dungeon synth music and I am glad for your choise. Is that the same specific reason for that? 

BAV: Well, when I first discovered this music I was a suprised to see that people were listening on cassette. Late one night I ordered tapes by Silencio Permanente & Deorc Weg and that was that, I had the tape collecting bug! I actually enjoy the process of making tapes, doing all the art, EVERYTHING myself, like the old days of bands trading demo tapes.

SW: Are you in fantasy role playing games? If yes, which games do you play with your friends and does it have a positive effect on your music? 

BAV: No, not at the moment. About 7 years ago I “discovered” the Call of Cthulhu RPG and was playing in two groups, a local one and a Skype one. In the local group we played the “Dark Ages of Cthulhu” supplement, which would, I think appeal to DS people.

SW: Do you have plans to release your album on LP or CD? Please let me tell my opinion first. A limited edition hand numbered Picture Disc would be amazing. What do you think? 

BAV: Unfortunately not LP – the costs are prohibitive, plus I don’t have a turntable! I’d consider putting out a CD as that is something I could easily make myself. I quite like the CDs in DVD boxes that Eldest Gate Records put out, and conversely the mini-CDs that Masked Dead records release. The mini CDs fit about 20 minutes of music on, so that might be nice for an EP, but for a “normal CD” I’d be thinking more along the lines of a compilation.

SW: What is the reaction from the dungeon synth fans to the release? 

BAV: Great and unexpected! I was lucky to get my tracks on two compilations: GIBDUS (Great British Dungeon Synth) and Dawn of the Dungeoneers (Dungeon It!).  I was also very happy to get reviewed in Skaventhrone issue 3! I have shipped quite a lot of tapes so far, all around the world – this is because of my “infinite tapes” policy – if people want to own a tape, I’ll continue making them! So I think this has helped the EP’s profile...

SW: We have also two bonus songs at the B Side and they surely have their own stories. I must say that I really want to hear the story of “The Brazen Tower” What are the stories behind this two B Side songs? 

BAV: “Tre war Venydh” is inspired by the legend of King Arthur. Merlin helps Uther Pendragon infiltrates the castle of Tintagel using magic and seduce Ygraine, fathering King Arthur. “The Brazen Tower” is the story of Danae, whose father was warned that his daughter’s son would one day kill him so he had a tower of bronze constructed in order to imprison her. There’s painting of this by Edward Burne-Jones in my local museum.

SW: Are you working on new material which will follow Bycirce? 

BAV: Yes, any free time I have in the evening is spent on my music. I’ve got a stash of finished or semi-finished tracks at the moment. I recently released a single “Fells and Tarns”, inspired by my homeland of Cumbria in Northern England (a beautiful, wet, weird place full of mountains and lakes). I’m working on music for the 2nd GIBDUS and Dawn of the Dungeoneers compilations as well as working on tracks for my own follow-up, I don’t know whether that will be an EP or album.

SW: These are our questions and it will be our pleasure to hear if you have any last words. 

BAV: Just THANK YOU! I’m amazed that someone would want to interview me about my music, it means a lot. The DS community as a whole has been great and supportive especially the people on the forum and my GIBDUS/Dungeon It! comrades. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018



SW: Thank you for accepting our interview. As you know social media has a massive affect on promoting albums but you don’t have a facebook page which is most popular platform these days. May I ask why you are not in social media? 

OS: I have plenty of musical projects, all of which promote themselves on social media. However, I don't feel the need to promote any more Old Sorcery there than I do on the Dungeon Synth -forum, I think that the followers of a sub-genre like this want to have that kind of discovering feeling, you know? The whole genre kinda draws it's influences from the past glorious times, the tape-trading scene and the real underground movement. 

SW: Debut album hit the scene just like a bright moon in the sky. As I followed on social media, dungeon synth fans paid so much attention to the album “Realms of Magickal Sorrow”. Please tell me about the reactions of the fans. 

OS: Yeah, I was overwhelmed by the reaction. My first plans were to dub the cassette myself, like 5 copies to my friends or so. Turned out, after the digital release, that people all over the world wanted my album on cassette! This amazes me. Old Sorcery is music made for myself exclusively, and I am very glad that so many people enjoy it as well. 

SW: The album cover is magickal itself. Who is the artist and please tell us about the creation process. Do you give the idea to artist or artist listens to music and creates his/her own ideas? 

OS: Actually, it is an old oil painting by an unknown artist. Can't shed anymore light on the matter... As far as my new release goes, the split with a fellow dungeon synth artist "Haxan Dreams" titled "Dreams of the Old Kingdom", the cover is made by   Abhot'h Xelpunanic from Haxan Dreams. 

SW: I see that the album has CD and Cassette versions both. However the cassette version was very limited and it has come to sold out situation fastly. Do you have plans to make a re-issue for the cassette version? 

OS: The tape version was limited to 100 on Garavluth Records. Maybe on the future, we will see a re-issue. Don't know yet. 

SW: Somehow the dungeon synth fans prefer cassette versions of the albums rather than the CD versions. What should be the reason for that? 

OS: Well, my own reason for that is the sound. It sounds OLD, worn, organic! 

SW: Please tell us about your dungeon the place that you are creating your music art. 

OS: As I am writing this, I am listening to the "Mark of the Devil" -soundtrack LP by Michael Holm. To describe this "dungeon" would take away some of the mystery that I want to create with Old Sorcery. 

SW: Are you also interested in 8bit computer synth? If yes than do you have favorite musicians or songs written by a 8bit computer? 

OS: Can't say that I am. I love old synth soundtracks though, from the 70's and 80's. 

SW: So after a succesfull debut album, fans will accept more of your music. Are you having plans for a new release and if yes what are your plans to move the success to a new level? 

OS: I recently released a split album with Haxan Dreams, a very limited tape release that is sold out. We will repress it soon. I don't care about the success really, but I think I am ready to delve deeper into the majestic mountains, endless forests and castles at the end of this year so, a new album will definitely emerge in some point, whenever I feel ready. Right now, I am extremely busy with my other projects. 

SW: If the castle on the debut album cover was real will that be a place that you want to live? Imagine that it is real and you are living there. How would you spend most of your time? 

OS: I would take long walks in the corridors and the forests surrounding the castle, order more wine from the servants and listen the walls whisper sad stories from the Dark Ages. That would be the time of Old Sorcery, of Old Ways. 

SW: These are our questions. It will be our pleasure to hear if you have anything to add.

OS: Thanks! 

Additional information: 
After the interview released at 26.05.2018, Old Sorcery also released Lp version of the album "Realms of Magickal Sorrow" which was available at 24.8.2018. It is limited to 199 Black and 99 Gold LP 

Thursday, May 17, 2018



SW: Thank you for accepting our interview. I must say that personally I am really in Dungeon Synth music these days and there are so many of musicians who are doing this type of music. Well, we can’t reach all of them but we should pick the best ones. I believe that Galdur is in this best ones list. Ok, first question. Please tell us about how and when you start to create this music? 

- It started from Severoth. I formed it in 2007 and started to do music at all in 2008. In that time Severoth was only ambient project and i just recorded tracks for myself. Some of those tracks was more “fantasy” based than rest of material. Eventually i had 4 songs like that composed in different times of 2010-2013. And then it became “Born by Stars and Moon” album of Galdur. I didn’t have internet then so i just wanted to create some fantasy inspired music for home listening and playing RPG’s. That’s how “Galdur” was formed. And only then in end of 2013 i heard Mortiis first time and then Arath’s debut album.

SW: This question is from the Age of Legends album. There is a man repeating a sentence in the first song Lord of Iron Fortress. Which language is he talking and what is he saying? 

- English. It’s Saruman lines from LOTR movie. İt said “The New Power is Rising”. “Iron Fortress” is translation of Orthanc so this track is dedicated to Christopher Lee as only true Saruman. Lord of Iron Fortress.

SW: Personally, Age of Legends is my favorite Galdur album. From the first song to last song, I can feel the dark depths of Mordor in my mind. The inspiration is surely Lord of the Rings trilogy but the question is, what made you to choose this concept for this album? 

- I just did what i’d like to hear myself. I love LOTR and album was inspired by Tolkien alot, but also by other fantasy books, D&D, computer RPG’s like Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights.

SW: What are the reactions to your music from all around the world? Are you getting positive feedbacks from the dungeon synth fans? Tell us about fans opinions please. 

- I think yes. I get some positive feedbacks. But i don’t really follow DS scene. You know, since i have several projects (Severoth, Bezmir, Morok and Galdur) i receive many feedbacks about all my albums. Some positive and some not. I like to read them of course but i do all music for myself at first place – so if i glad with result – it’s enough for me.

SW: Is there a posibilty for die hard fans to have LP versions of the albums? Especially Picture Disc will be amazing. What do you think? 

- It will definitely happen someday. We already started to release my albums on vinyl. First one was Bezmir – VOID released in 12” Vinyl this March. Preparations for vinyl release takes around 6 months and alot of effort so process is slow. But “Age of Legends” will be on vinyl definitely.

SW: Which season of the year is the best one for being creative for you? Spring, summer, autumn or winter. Please tell us why? 

- I don’t really pay big attention to this. I do music all the time and get inspired from any weather or season. I just work with different projects. To do quality album you must work many months with it.

SW: Please tell us about the place and its atmosphere that you live where you are creating your art. 

- You know. Since “Age of Legends” release i moved twice already and also i moved before “Age of Legends” so places around me changes alot. All the “atmosphere” is in my head and always with me. Now i live in Dnipro again. I have separate “music room” when all my instruments and gear stored. I work there on my albums.

SW: It looks like all that charming album covers are created by the same artist. Might that be you or if not who is then? 

- Covers for all my albums created by Unholy Darkness. She is my wife. She created covers for other bands in the past. Currently she is tattoo artist but still creates covers for me.

SW: These are our questions bro. Anything to add? 

- Be yourself 

Monday, October 30, 2017



*Hi bro, please let us know about the underground scene in Kansas City.

There isn't much to tell! We haven't played here since 2010. It's a nice place to live, though.

*Please tell us about creating process of the latest album The Unburiable Dead and what’s the reactions of the fans?

Many believe it's our best album yet. It is a very strong album!

*What is that illustration represent on album cover?

The artist is George Grosz. It represents the result of war. Destruction, suffering and death!

*You are working on a new album these days. What would we expect from the new material?

Yes, we're working on a new album now. The songs are heavier, faster and darker than anything we've done before. You're going to love it!

*Which edition of albums do you prefer to collect? Cassette, Cd, lp or picture disc?

It always depends on the band in question. Old school stuff I prefer to have on LP.

*Which death metal bands are your favorites from 90’s and present day?

I lose track of which bands are from the '90s and which became known in the '90s.

*Ares Kingdom was created in 1996. What changed in those years? Are you satisfied about the place that Ares Kingdom came in metal scene?

Sure, we occupy a unique place in the underground. There is no other band like like us, and that is a great thing.

*Which bands are you in contact with in Usa and other countries?

Lots. Most are old friends. Destroyer 666, Pentacle, Watain, Adorior, Rotting Christ, Varathron, Begrime Exemious, and many others we've toured with or played shows with.

*Ares Kingdom is a precious diamond in my opinion. I like all of your material especially LP records with diehard editions. Which format of the albums are choosen by the fans most?

When it comes to LPs, fans really like the die hard versions. We do, too, because we get to pack a lot of cool stuff in them.

*These are my questions bro. Any last words?

Check out our website for more information and merchandise. We ship to almost every country.

Thursday, October 5, 2017



* Hi bro, please let us know about the Colombian metal scene.

Hi, thx a lot for interview. Well, colombian metal scnene right now is very strong. A lot of great gigs and fest are happening here. The most owerful band over the world want to play in Colombia and South America and this is great. Also very important say, that all days born good band here. Right now the bands want to record, rehearse and go out to concerts. things like that are the ones that help a scene grow and remain as one of the most important of the world that has seen the birth of the most powerful bands in some genres.

*You have six full lenght album and a new one is on the way. How is the reaction to your music all around the world?

We have some friends and fans around the world who always be allert about our releases and other. We think peole and metal maniacs around the world show a great reaction about our music and our merch. We sent packets with our music or merch every week to more than 22 countries and this is great for us.

*Which Revenge album is your favorite?

For me, the best Revenge album is right now the seventh album “Spitting Fire”. I find in this new album a great sound and a lot of positive things that is not in the past albums. Also, the lyrics and music compositions are very good and the most important over all thing is that the band is very exciting about this release.

*Which edition of albums do you prefer to collect? Tape, Cd or lp?

I prefer collect only Lps Versions. I do not know if it's an obsession or what it may be, but I feel a special magic in that format

*What do you think about the illegally downloading albums  on internet?

Bad, is very bad. For independet artist, and independent artist in Metal is very very bad. Illegaly downloads does much damage to the artist because it does not allow him to have an economic reach and also loses the interest of the people in collecting the physical format.

*Do you have connection with other bands in your country? Is there a metal brother support between bands in Colombia?

Yes, we can say free, we have friends of all colombian metal bands. Possibly we have some difference in ideology with some members of other bands but finally we are friends of all the bands of the country. I think that sometimes there are members of bands that do not know how to do things or make them bad and that sometimes we criticize but we respect those decisions a lot.

*What was the main target for Revenge and at the beginning and at which point of that path is the band right now?

Well, Immediately we want to try to reach our friends and followers with the new album and expect to be able to move quite well between the world scenes. We have 3 major concerts pending in Colombia with bands like Accept, Sodom, Satyrico, among others. We want to make good shows and wait for the reissues of the new album that will arrive in format vinyl and tape. After that and the beginning of 2018 we hope we can go out and do some concerts outside the country

*These are my questions bro. Any last words?

Thx a lot for this interview. We want to greet and hail to all Metal Maniacs who are reading this lines and make invitation them to know us and to listen to our music, maybe someday we'll meet and share some beers.