Tuesday, September 5, 2017



M: Greetings from istanbul the city of seven hills. Well, bro tell us what are you doing these days as Elvenking crew.

Aydan: Hello! Well at the moment we are really working hard on the final details of the new album. The mix is done and we are valuating the mastering now. We are giving also final touches to the artwork and at the same time organizing things around the tour in support of the album. Really a lot of things to do!

M: How popular is Elvenking in your country Italy? Just the metal heads or most of the music listeners like your music?

Aydan: Well, I would say that in the last years the things are getting better and better also in our home country. Since a couple of years ago we were more popular outside Italy. Countries like Germany, Holland, Belgium etc gave a warmest welcome to our albums and live shows, but lately also things in Italy are becoming really good for us, even if it’s popularly know that Italian fans are not really into the local scene and prefer foreign acts. I would say that most of our listeners are metal heads but I have to notice that we have a good numbers of fans also between those who don’t listen usually to metal music, because they like a lot our different influences, especially from acoustic music.

M: After all this years and five great albums, do you think that the band stands the place you wanted it to be at the beginning?

Aydan: Well, to be sincere in the beginning of the band we never thought to be able to reach such levels. As said we come form a country where there was no space for metal music and in 1997, when we formed it was absolutely impossible to do something in this market. So everything we achieved is simply unbelievable for us. And thinking back to the old days and looking right now to where…well, I really feel proud.  

M: How do you write the main themes for the albums. Just your imagination or ideas from fantastic books?

Aydan: No, it is just from imaginations. But I guess you refer to the lyrics, and if you read them with attention you will realize they are about personal experiences and emotions. Nothing about fantasy or something similar. Maybe some people think that Elvenking lyrics are about fantasy or heroic stories, probably because of the name of the band, but, with the exceptions of few lyrics in our first album, this is really far from the truth.

M: Is Elvenking main job for you? If it is, is it really possible to earn money from music these dark pirate free mp3 days? Do you support free share on internet? Is laws enough in Italy to protect your art?

Aydan: Unfortunately we cannot consider it as a real job. As you said these are really dark days, and mp3s have ruined everything. I think that if things won’t change, music is close to the end or at least quality music, because there won’t be budgets to create and give forms to your ideas and to promote seriously your bands. I think that time is running and if there won’t be serious laws to protect all this, there won’t be future. I don’t understand what music business is doing for this massive problem. It seems like they do not care. I read the other day that also Christina Aguilera sold only 200.000 copies of her album. Well this is pretty impressive! When also pop music will be close to the end I think somebody will do something!

M: Personallay, which kind of music do you listen?

Aydan: Well, I would say everything, from metal to pop, from rock to punk and everything that has good melodies. But I would say that the very most part of my listening are good old metal and some new interesting band. I prefer melodic metal but also death or black metal are between my usual preferences.

M: Do you collect LP? Is it still populer format for you?

Aydan: Well, no to be sincere no. I am still with the good cd. No mp3 please!

M: Do we have chance to see Elvenking live in istanbul?

Aydan: I would come to play there also tomorrow if there are some promoters there interested in bringing Elvenking to play.

M: Thanks for the answers bro. Say hello to crew from us.

Aydan: Thank you very much for the interview. Our new album will be release in September, so check it out. All the best!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017



M: Hi. First of I all I want to thank you very much for requesting our interview. How is the Black Metal scene in Greece these days?
First of all thank u for the interview. The new scene has nothing to do with the old scene that i admired in the early 90'. Quantity but no quality. I respect only the older bands from our scene..the new bands even are musically good, they lack of a strong background in philoshophy themes. thats why black metal differs from the other kinds of music

M: I think that the Greece black metal is much more different than classic Norvegian black metal and most of the other countries. It has a different atmosphere. What do you think?

YES indeed.. the hellenic scene gives much more value in the atmosphere , but the others give to blast..

M: You changed your name from Stutthof to Acherontas. May you please tell us why you baptised your bands name as Acherontas? What is the meaning of Acherontas?
Acherontas was the river and the bridge that unites the living world with the world of the dead. IT was the gate to the underworld ,the name changed for estheticall reasons , and that our philoshophy from the beginning of the band at 1996 was dealing with occultismm and not NS , but our ex name was a very good propaganda for the perfect and lovely race of god.

M: What are the reaction of your fans to new album?

As i know from many reviewes and some reports from our label the reactions are very good

M: I see you have some material about Eygpt in your new album. May you tell us what are the stories telling in new album?

Our lyrics in the last album deals generally with occultism. but many themes have benn taken from old traditions and mysteries that take place in summeria.Like the after life existance and many necromantical arts

M: Are there any differents between Stutthof lyrics and Acherontas lyrics?

Not at all, only the name chenged nothing else
M: What do you do in your ordinary days excluding music?

Living my life enjoy and master as a predator, trying to live as creative entity
M: May you please let us know a little about true occult black art? If this is more than a lyric inspiration, just let us know what you have at the other side of the black door.

Occultism is way of life, it cannot be described in few words, its a way of action..

M: These are our questions.Do you have something to add?

Check our split with necromantia which is already out, a split with leviathan coming out on march and also my project nihasa .. for more details visit our websites 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017



M: Hi. First of I all I want to thank you very much for requesting our interview. Well lets start with first question. I see some photos from old Persian Empire in your myspace page. Are you from Iran?

Warchild: Yes I am from Iran. My parents are anyway, I was born in America.

M: Breaking the Wheel album is really amazing. Fast as hell. Tell us about the album recording session please.

Warchild: It was awesome, took some time to record at Sam's house and Jon Norberg's home studio. We recorded it very raw and the speed came from the songwriting. The songs were meant to be fast like that.

M: I guess the band has two members. Does Eliminator play live performence? If not will there be live performances later?

Warchild: Right now there is a lineup being solidified. In time we will play shows when we have all the equipment for our new bassist.

M: Please tell us about the reaction of thrash fans all around the world for the album.

Warchild: The reaction has been very positive. Some people think we are the best new thrash band in the world so that was a surprise. Since we did not tour to support the first album due to other life obligations, it did not succeed as well as the other bands in the new scene. However, it has gotten recognition internationally.

M: Which format of the album sold more? LP or CD?

Warchild: The LP sold well but the CD is now sold out for some time.  There will be a repress and a future rerecording of the tracks.

M: Following the glorious Breaking the wheel, when will we hear new material from Eliminator?

Warchild: We are in the process of finalizing the second LP, so hopefully by the end of this year there should be a release.

M: I see you worked with Repka for the album cover painting. Did you give the idea to him or did he read the lyrics and designed it free?

Warchild: The original design was my idea but Repka contributed his own idea. I said it was cool and he went wild with it.

M: What is your main aim for the future of Eliminator?

Warchild: The main aim is to put out at least one album a year if not more, and tour in the future. That is basically it...constantly write and release music to the metal community

M: Do you have contacts with other thrash bands? Do you have the environment in your city which Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Sepultura has 25 years ago?

Warchild: I have very little contact with other thrash bands, so no!

M: Please let us hear some last words for the Turkish thrash fans.

Warchild: Keep banging your heads, rock hard and keep metal alive forever. It has a purpose!



M: Hi. First of I all I want to thank you very much for requesting our interview. Lets start with your lyrical influences. Warbringer writes lyrics about war surely but my question is what is the main message to the listeners.

John: If the lyrics are about war, they are about the horrors of war. We talked about war a lot on the first album and didn't want to feel like we had dug ourselves in a hole on the second album so we talked about few different topics that still worked with the music and shifted more to the horrors of mankind. For example, "Living in a Whirlwind" is about drug addiction, "Severed Reality" is about the spiritual horrors during a nightmarish sort of trip, other topics included starvation of the entire human population, general bad-assery, and the cost of revenge.

M :Do you think that American thrash metal is different than European thrash metal?

John: Totally. But then it always depends on the band. I would say the more successful American bands played slower and had a lot more melody. Honestly some of the main Cali-Bay area bands like Metallica and Testament weren't huge influences on us.
We were always more influenced the the German approach -- Fast, Brutal, and sometimes even a little reckless. There's not a lot singing in Kreator or Destruction's music, but those bands also managed to become even more technical and interesting as their careers went on unlike some of the American bands that I feel were stuck in a rut. Exodus, Dark Angel, Vio-lence and Demmolitoin Hammer are American bands that are still a huge influences on us.

M: Is Warbringer a job for the band crew that all members can earn money?

John: Only the crew, and we only hire 1 person a tour to help sell merch and maybe drive. We really only break-even as it's very costly to tour, but the goal is that after a lot of touring and work we will be able to headline. Once we can hold our own we're hoping we won't have to deal with being in debt anymore. 

M: If the band gets so famous in the future, will that effect your musical aim or will you go on play louder than hell as you do now?

John: With this band I just want to set out and finish what we started when we were 16. The aim is just to write brutal, sophisticated, original thrash metal music The art is in finding a balance between heavy, simple stuff and complicated, prog stuff. Sometime in the future I might see what I could do with other kinds of music.

M: I can see the cover art work of the ‘War without end’ gives idea about music and lyrics but ‘Waking into nightmares’ cover art work does not. What does the second album cover art work tell us?

John: To be honest, I like the first cover but I think it's kind of cartoony. The second cover was done by a great artist, Dan Seagrave, and the theme is present and a little more subtle. The whole idea of the second album was that the songs were a collection of all sorts of stories about different nightmares and horrors. The cover art is supposed to represent an artifact with some sort of terrible unknown purpose. It could be tied in, as you can see the tanks from the first album, if you look closely. Next time we definitely should do something more direct, but with the second album we really just wanted to push ourselves and everything we could do to say that we were not just another typical thrash clone.  

M: Do you have idea about my city istanbul and the bands we have here?

John: No, I've never been but I know there is a lot of history and we're hoping to make it on the second leg of the current European tour, which is being booked now. I'm sure you probably have some great gigs though. I feel like the crowds in the major cities we play take live music for granted because it's so available to them.

M: ‘War without end’ album has a limited Picture Disc edition released by Cyclone Empire. As a collector, I bought my copy surely. Are you a collector like me? Is the format of the album important for you too?

John: Ha,ha, all of them. There's even a picture disc of War Without End that Cyclone Empire printed 666 copies of, that's probably my favorite. They will be doing a split 7" soon with us and Dew-Scented that I look forward to seeing.

M: Which one is much more amusing? Playing live or recording session in the studio?

John: Both, I like the studio because that's the only chance you'll have for the rest of your life to bring songs you fought with your band to write to life as art. Live is also great because everyone in your band knows what they need to play and it's all about seeing how hard and fast you can play the songs, how tight the band sticks together, and what kind of reaction you can get from the audience.

M: Do we have a chance to see you live in istanbul?

John: As mentioned, there is a second leg to the current European tour where we will headline some dates on our own and we have a tentative date in Istanbul, Turkey that we're hoping will confirm. We would love to have great show in Turkey!

M: These are my questions. Thanks again and greetings from istanbul. Last words for the Turkish fans?

John: Thanks to all of you for your support and dedication! Hope to see as many of you as we can, we have a few gigs in Turkey coming up. 

- John Laux / Warbringer



M: May you please shortly tell us the history of the band?

We started in the summer of 2005. AT first it was just a side project of mine. I basically wanted to just do a recording with the 6 songs that I wrote. SO I found marco and paid him 500 bucks for the recording. Then I contacted steve and he say on the demo for free. AFter that everybody was so stoked on the music they wanted to make it into a band.

M: You have a very technical and brutal music. You signed a contract with Metal Blade Records. I guess you are the most brutal band at the Metal Blade family. May you please tell us how did it happen?

We over heard an interview with alex webster and he stated he had heard of us and thought it was pretty fucking sick, so we contacted him thanking him for his support and also let him know that we were submitting a demo to metal blade and that if he wanted to give the label the heads up that would be awesome. Sure enough a few weeks later we got a call from metal blade and we worked out a contract with them.

M: What are the main advantages of being under the wings of a big metal record company?

Lots of good tours, advertising, radio exposure. There are alot of good things because a huge label like metal blade really wants there bands to do good and there records to sell.

M: I guess, zombie concept means alot to you. What do you think about the movie Resident Evil 3 The Extinction?

I think it's pretty cool but there's always a certain element of cheese in that series, but then again I guess it's that way with almost all zombie movies.

M: Which bands are your favorites that plays same style with your music? For example do you like the band The Faceless?

No, I don't like the faceless. I like bands like disgorge,spawn of possession, necrophagist, origin and blotted science and cannibal corpse.

M: Do you have plans in these days for the new album?

Yes I already have 4 songs written but It it kind of up to the label for when we go into the studio next, or atleast when it comes to getting advance money for the studio the label basically decides that.

M: Excluding the music, what are you guys doing in your ordinary days? 

Working full time jobs. None of us do this for a living.

M: Why did the drummer left the band? Is it possible to fnd a drummer as sick as he is?

I cannot answer that question yet.

M: Is this band a second business for you or it is your main business?

This band is NOT a business at all. Hopefully it will be in the future but for now like I said we see no money from it at all.

Saturday, July 22, 2017



SW: Hi, thanks for accepting our interview. I can see that there is a mobility just like something’s coming from the Anatomy side. Is it the loud steps of an up coming album?

-Yes , Slowly we are moving in direction of completing New Material , the first since 1999. When the idea of re activating the band , our intial thoughts were to play some shows for Nostalgia etc but has gone full circle now and we are few tracks into writing with our usual long arrangement ideas that take longer than the "norm " i think. At this stage we are looking at mlp 4 or so tracks but it might however turn into a full length as well. The New Title for the Release is ......... " And Death is Forever...."

SW: You released your 1999 album ‘The Witches Dathomir’ again with a beautiful new cover art. Please tell us the reasons for this act. Tell us behind the scenes. Is it a warm up move for a new release or you simply wanted it to be renewed as a better release as it deserves?

-We were unhappy with the original , back in 1999 the concept i dont think we got it right , there was some budget in our contract to have artist do new Cover and we chose an underground artist by the name of Badic , who has done Entrails, Master etc. The Album may have got judged a little back in the day .

SW: Why the Picture Disc of the ‘The Witches Dathomir’ has the old cover art?

-The Picture Disc was released by Painkiller Records from Belgium back in 1999,  so it wasn’t a issue for us at the time. The Stock that we had sold on the internet store  just last months was some copies from storage left over only 7 copies .

SW: Excepting your two full lenght album, you also have three demo, two ep and one split release. Do you have a plan for releasing this songs on one CD? If yes, that would be a perfect item for the collectors.

-In 2016 American label Dark Symphonies approached us to re release Twisting Depths of Horror.. from the outside it looks exactly like the original but  has a 16 page booklett and both demos and one unreleased studio track from 1994 on it as bonus , Remastered by Jason Fuller at Goat Sound.

SW: I can see that there will be live performances for year 2017. According to this live performances, what is your expectation for near future of the band?

-Things are alot different than when we stopped playing in 1999, the internet breeds competive Artists but our plans are not like others playing , we simply just would like to play couple of shows to enjoy , play some states in Australia we didnt visit back in the day . the rare international artist support who we enjoy their music and hopefully entertain any offers we get from underground fests outside of Australia .

SW: As a band, is Bleed Records satisfying your future expectations?

-I Myself run Bleed Records , it was started mainly to do vinyl 7 eps but has done cd and promoted international Artists in Australia ,  Back in the day it ran the same as Modern invasion Music as we had same distribution but more artistic freedom.

SW: May you compare the 1991 and 2017 metal scenes of Australia and world for us?

-We began playing  live in 1992 so there was prob  10 bands in the whole country , our main purpose for making band was to tape trade with other fans overseas .. Today its more to enjoy playing music , the scene is def not the same , Money orientated an egos are ripe thru social media and behind deals ,, that is just a sign its proper music business today and not so much  headbanging with mates.

SW: Do you have connections with the bands from all over the world or just have friends from Australian scene?

-Yes we have many back in day as this is what we made band for.. i have also made many friends from doing international tours and drinking many beers !

SW: Do you think that Australian scene is far from world or connected somehow an people know about Australian metal scene?

-It was more secluded in early 90s and special , today the internet makes nothing special and most mystique is lost. Bands were always barbaric here today more melodic and the younger bands have really progressed in most metal genres. The only thing seperated is most don’t have funds to pay all costs to go on tour but i think its the same for most bands, usa band wanting to go to europe etc so im not so sympathetic, just do it if you want too and able too.

SW: These are our questions. Any last words?

-Many thanks for the interveiw and support , hope to see you at show .. Hail and Kill!!!!


Friday, July 21, 2017



SW: Hails brother. First of all I want to congratulate you for your succesful album ‘Mountains’ Tell us about the creation process of your music.

- Firstly, thank you. This is the first interview my albüm Tir. Tir, as a primitive tradition I might say that I grew up in me. Black Metal and its close variants, which I have listened to for about 20 years, are certainly a source of inspiration, but the minimal appearance of my music is much earlier. A music emblem is for me, know what's important! The birth of Tir was also a bit of saturation, maybe I had filled the time I had to wait. Producing is of course nice but unless you do something that is consumed!

SW: What are the most important influences for your music?

-I can say that the northern paganism and the middle asian shamanism are the greatest factors. All the traditions of the natural world are very important to me. The communication you establish with nature before people start to blind yet is certainly the only truth. For example, Burzum, Mortiss, Wongraven or Dead Can Dance; you have to understand!

SW: I know that your music style is called as ‘Dungeon Synth’ What is the reason that makes you choosing this type of a music?

- When I produce something, I definitely do not stamp it! It does’nt limit me, but of course the instrument can be set to block. My story is actually a Black Metal adventure. Black magic and its effect! Well, this album doesn’t come with electronic guitar, drums or 'hell' vocals, but I think that the simplicity and coolness I created gave me and you that feeling. As you say, this album was a Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient-focused. I think all this interaction starts with the Black Metal.

SW: Are you in fantasy fiction books? If yes, which series do you like to read?

- I don’t read fantasy books. My books are about science and science-fiction. Especially Carl Sagan.

SW: Is there a concept story for your debut album ‘Mountains’ or each song has it’s own story.

- Mountains album was a search. It's a discovery. All parts are closely related (interwoven). The journey begins and you feel all the energy of nature in your body. For now the target point is the mountains. This journey will of course continue!

SW: I see that the album released in both two versions tape and CD. Tell us about the process with the labels.

- As you said, the album was published from by Black Candle Distro and Dead Generation Records format cassette; and the digi-pack released published by Elegy Records. I would like to thank all of the friends who contributed in this process. I don’t produce much acceptance in the world and in Turkey which is not very common, but it can be sometimes  tiring to rely on all these difficulties

SW: What is the reaction of the Dungeon Synth music fans to your debut album?

-I’am creating an epic thing that is not known. It is much more difficult to understand in countries like Turkey in particular. But all feedbacks are very positive! I received positive comments from many musicians in the field, from Empyrium to Markus Stock (Schwadorf) and Dornenreich to Jochen (Eviga). This also accelerated the journey of Tir. The album, which was transmitted by Elegy Record to other labelles in America and other country,. Like England ...

SW: Please tell us your future plans for your project. Does the fan reactions will effect the future of your music or will you continue anyway as following the code of  ‘Art is for art’

- Tir seems to be very young, but on the road with loads of years on it. My second album working will start at the end of this summer (2017). There are 2 pieces song already shaped. Maybe a few more instruments can be added. I would say also, I think that next time I will also clip to the Mountains song.

SW: Thanks for being guest on our fanzine bro. Any last words?

-Thank you very much for your interest and support. Let's keep looking at the stars, because we're there!