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SW: Thank you for accepting our interview. As you know social media has a massive affect on promoting albums but you don’t have a facebook page which is most popular platform these days. May I ask why you are not in social media? 

OS: I have plenty of musical projects, all of which promote themselves on social media. However, I don't feel the need to promote any more Old Sorcery there than I do on the Dungeon Synth -forum, I think that the followers of a sub-genre like this want to have that kind of discovering feeling, you know? The whole genre kinda draws it's influences from the past glorious times, the tape-trading scene and the real underground movement. 

SW: Debut album hit the scene just like a bright moon in the sky. As I followed on social media, dungeon synth fans paid so much attention to the album “Realms of Magickal Sorrow”. Please tell me about the reactions of the fans. 

OS: Yeah, I was overwhelmed by the reaction. My first plans were to dub the cassette myself, like 5 copies to my friends or so. Turned out, after the digital release, that people all over the world wanted my album on cassette! This amazes me. Old Sorcery is music made for myself exclusively, and I am very glad that so many people enjoy it as well. 

SW: The album cover is magickal itself. Who is the artist and please tell us about the creation process. Do you give the idea to artist or artist listens to music and creates his/her own ideas? 

OS: Actually, it is an old oil painting by an unknown artist. Can't shed anymore light on the matter... As far as my new release goes, the split with a fellow dungeon synth artist "Haxan Dreams" titled "Dreams of the Old Kingdom", the cover is made by   Abhot'h Xelpunanic from Haxan Dreams. 

SW: I see that the album has CD and Cassette versions both. However the cassette version was very limited and it has come to sold out situation fastly. Do you have plans to make a re-issue for the cassette version? 

OS: The tape version was limited to 100 on Garavluth Records. Maybe on the future, we will see a re-issue. Don't know yet. 

SW: Somehow the dungeon synth fans prefer cassette versions of the albums rather than the CD versions. What should be the reason for that? 

OS: Well, my own reason for that is the sound. It sounds OLD, worn, organic! 

SW: Please tell us about your dungeon the place that you are creating your music art. 

OS: As I am writing this, I am listening to the "Mark of the Devil" -soundtrack LP by Michael Holm. To describe this "dungeon" would take away some of the mystery that I want to create with Old Sorcery. 

SW: Are you also interested in 8bit computer synth? If yes than do you have favorite musicians or songs written by a 8bit computer? 

OS: Can't say that I am. I love old synth soundtracks though, from the 70's and 80's. 

SW: So after a succesfull debut album, fans will accept more of your music. Are you having plans for a new release and if yes what are your plans to move the success to a new level? 

OS: I recently released a split album with Haxan Dreams, a very limited tape release that is sold out. We will repress it soon. I don't care about the success really, but I think I am ready to delve deeper into the majestic mountains, endless forests and castles at the end of this year so, a new album will definitely emerge in some point, whenever I feel ready. Right now, I am extremely busy with my other projects. 

SW: If the castle on the debut album cover was real will that be a place that you want to live? Imagine that it is real and you are living there. How would you spend most of your time? 

OS: I would take long walks in the corridors and the forests surrounding the castle, order more wine from the servants and listen the walls whisper sad stories from the Dark Ages. That would be the time of Old Sorcery, of Old Ways. 

SW: These are our questions. It will be our pleasure to hear if you have anything to add.

OS: Thanks! 

Additional information: 
After the interview released at 26.05.2018, Old Sorcery also released Lp version of the album "Realms of Magickal Sorrow" which was available at 24.8.2018. It is limited to 199 Black and 99 Gold LP 

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