Tuesday, July 25, 2017



M: May you please shortly tell us the history of the band?

We started in the summer of 2005. AT first it was just a side project of mine. I basically wanted to just do a recording with the 6 songs that I wrote. SO I found marco and paid him 500 bucks for the recording. Then I contacted steve and he say on the demo for free. AFter that everybody was so stoked on the music they wanted to make it into a band.

M: You have a very technical and brutal music. You signed a contract with Metal Blade Records. I guess you are the most brutal band at the Metal Blade family. May you please tell us how did it happen?

We over heard an interview with alex webster and he stated he had heard of us and thought it was pretty fucking sick, so we contacted him thanking him for his support and also let him know that we were submitting a demo to metal blade and that if he wanted to give the label the heads up that would be awesome. Sure enough a few weeks later we got a call from metal blade and we worked out a contract with them.

M: What are the main advantages of being under the wings of a big metal record company?

Lots of good tours, advertising, radio exposure. There are alot of good things because a huge label like metal blade really wants there bands to do good and there records to sell.

M: I guess, zombie concept means alot to you. What do you think about the movie Resident Evil 3 The Extinction?

I think it's pretty cool but there's always a certain element of cheese in that series, but then again I guess it's that way with almost all zombie movies.

M: Which bands are your favorites that plays same style with your music? For example do you like the band The Faceless?

No, I don't like the faceless. I like bands like disgorge,spawn of possession, necrophagist, origin and blotted science and cannibal corpse.

M: Do you have plans in these days for the new album?

Yes I already have 4 songs written but It it kind of up to the label for when we go into the studio next, or atleast when it comes to getting advance money for the studio the label basically decides that.

M: Excluding the music, what are you guys doing in your ordinary days? 

Working full time jobs. None of us do this for a living.

M: Why did the drummer left the band? Is it possible to fnd a drummer as sick as he is?

I cannot answer that question yet.

M: Is this band a second business for you or it is your main business?

This band is NOT a business at all. Hopefully it will be in the future but for now like I said we see no money from it at all.

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