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SW: Hi, thanks for accepting our interview. I can see that there is a mobility just like something’s coming from the Anatomy side. Is it the loud steps of an up coming album?

-Yes , Slowly we are moving in direction of completing New Material , the first since 1999. When the idea of re activating the band , our intial thoughts were to play some shows for Nostalgia etc but has gone full circle now and we are few tracks into writing with our usual long arrangement ideas that take longer than the "norm " i think. At this stage we are looking at mlp 4 or so tracks but it might however turn into a full length as well. The New Title for the Release is ......... " And Death is Forever...."

SW: You released your 1999 album ‘The Witches Dathomir’ again with a beautiful new cover art. Please tell us the reasons for this act. Tell us behind the scenes. Is it a warm up move for a new release or you simply wanted it to be renewed as a better release as it deserves?

-We were unhappy with the original , back in 1999 the concept i dont think we got it right , there was some budget in our contract to have artist do new Cover and we chose an underground artist by the name of Badic , who has done Entrails, Master etc. The Album may have got judged a little back in the day .

SW: Why the Picture Disc of the ‘The Witches Dathomir’ has the old cover art?

-The Picture Disc was released by Painkiller Records from Belgium back in 1999,  so it wasn’t a issue for us at the time. The Stock that we had sold on the internet store  just last months was some copies from storage left over only 7 copies .

SW: Excepting your two full lenght album, you also have three demo, two ep and one split release. Do you have a plan for releasing this songs on one CD? If yes, that would be a perfect item for the collectors.

-In 2016 American label Dark Symphonies approached us to re release Twisting Depths of Horror.. from the outside it looks exactly like the original but  has a 16 page booklett and both demos and one unreleased studio track from 1994 on it as bonus , Remastered by Jason Fuller at Goat Sound.

SW: I can see that there will be live performances for year 2017. According to this live performances, what is your expectation for near future of the band?

-Things are alot different than when we stopped playing in 1999, the internet breeds competive Artists but our plans are not like others playing , we simply just would like to play couple of shows to enjoy , play some states in Australia we didnt visit back in the day . the rare international artist support who we enjoy their music and hopefully entertain any offers we get from underground fests outside of Australia .

SW: As a band, is Bleed Records satisfying your future expectations?

-I Myself run Bleed Records , it was started mainly to do vinyl 7 eps but has done cd and promoted international Artists in Australia ,  Back in the day it ran the same as Modern invasion Music as we had same distribution but more artistic freedom.

SW: May you compare the 1991 and 2017 metal scenes of Australia and world for us?

-We began playing  live in 1992 so there was prob  10 bands in the whole country , our main purpose for making band was to tape trade with other fans overseas .. Today its more to enjoy playing music , the scene is def not the same , Money orientated an egos are ripe thru social media and behind deals ,, that is just a sign its proper music business today and not so much  headbanging with mates.

SW: Do you have connections with the bands from all over the world or just have friends from Australian scene?

-Yes we have many back in day as this is what we made band for.. i have also made many friends from doing international tours and drinking many beers !

SW: Do you think that Australian scene is far from world or connected somehow an people know about Australian metal scene?

-It was more secluded in early 90s and special , today the internet makes nothing special and most mystique is lost. Bands were always barbaric here today more melodic and the younger bands have really progressed in most metal genres. The only thing seperated is most don’t have funds to pay all costs to go on tour but i think its the same for most bands, usa band wanting to go to europe etc so im not so sympathetic, just do it if you want too and able too.

SW: These are our questions. Any last words?

-Many thanks for the interveiw and support , hope to see you at show .. Hail and Kill!!!!

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