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SW: Hails brother. First of all I want to congratulate you for your succesful album ‘Mountains’ Tell us about the creation process of your music.

- Firstly, thank you. This is the first interview my albüm Tir. Tir, as a primitive tradition I might say that I grew up in me. Black Metal and its close variants, which I have listened to for about 20 years, are certainly a source of inspiration, but the minimal appearance of my music is much earlier. A music emblem is for me, know what's important! The birth of Tir was also a bit of saturation, maybe I had filled the time I had to wait. Producing is of course nice but unless you do something that is consumed!

SW: What are the most important influences for your music?

-I can say that the northern paganism and the middle asian shamanism are the greatest factors. All the traditions of the natural world are very important to me. The communication you establish with nature before people start to blind yet is certainly the only truth. For example, Burzum, Mortiss, Wongraven or Dead Can Dance; you have to understand!

SW: I know that your music style is called as ‘Dungeon Synth’ What is the reason that makes you choosing this type of a music?

- When I produce something, I definitely do not stamp it! It does’nt limit me, but of course the instrument can be set to block. My story is actually a Black Metal adventure. Black magic and its effect! Well, this album doesn’t come with electronic guitar, drums or 'hell' vocals, but I think that the simplicity and coolness I created gave me and you that feeling. As you say, this album was a Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient-focused. I think all this interaction starts with the Black Metal.

SW: Are you in fantasy fiction books? If yes, which series do you like to read?

- I don’t read fantasy books. My books are about science and science-fiction. Especially Carl Sagan.

SW: Is there a concept story for your debut album ‘Mountains’ or each song has it’s own story.

- Mountains album was a search. It's a discovery. All parts are closely related (interwoven). The journey begins and you feel all the energy of nature in your body. For now the target point is the mountains. This journey will of course continue!

SW: I see that the album released in both two versions tape and CD. Tell us about the process with the labels.

- As you said, the album was published from by Black Candle Distro and Dead Generation Records format cassette; and the digi-pack released published by Elegy Records. I would like to thank all of the friends who contributed in this process. I don’t produce much acceptance in the world and in Turkey which is not very common, but it can be sometimes  tiring to rely on all these difficulties

SW: What is the reaction of the Dungeon Synth music fans to your debut album?

-I’am creating an epic thing that is not known. It is much more difficult to understand in countries like Turkey in particular. But all feedbacks are very positive! I received positive comments from many musicians in the field, from Empyrium to Markus Stock (Schwadorf) and Dornenreich to Jochen (Eviga). This also accelerated the journey of Tir. The album, which was transmitted by Elegy Record to other labelles in America and other country,. Like England ...

SW: Please tell us your future plans for your project. Does the fan reactions will effect the future of your music or will you continue anyway as following the code of  ‘Art is for art’

- Tir seems to be very young, but on the road with loads of years on it. My second album working will start at the end of this summer (2017). There are 2 pieces song already shaped. Maybe a few more instruments can be added. I would say also, I think that next time I will also clip to the Mountains song.

SW: Thanks for being guest on our fanzine bro. Any last words?

-Thank you very much for your interest and support. Let's keep looking at the stars, because we're there!

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