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SW: Just simply tell me what is your influence for this amazing deep dark music? I know this is a very fast start to a interview even without a hello but I am really so excited about the release.

-Don’t worry Cem, you and me need no intro as we talk everyday. And as for the others, I am sick of introducing myself they can check my other million interviews. My influence is a shell of unexplored mental orgasm through artistic extremity. Concordantly, anything can be an influence for that, and taken under this looking glass and seen through it. I want to explore new territory, and I am not afraid to look into the darkness. I hate the fact that extreme metal is life loving normalized piece of shit nowadays, danger and darkness influence me.

SW: I know that there are so many good reactions to the release from all around the world and it is already sold out. Please tell us the formula of how to create a charming melody. What is the secret behind this glory? I know this sounds like as the same question that I have asked but this is something different. This is not a question of influences but the secret formula.

-The biggest secret is knowing how to have pleasure, and pushing the boundaries of joy. The more you enjoy the better it gets. Sounds like a simple cliché but this very thing is the key to success and extremely hard to do actually. People don’t know how to enjoy what they do and make enjoyable art (for themselves). They try to please and do things with fear, so they make disgusting banal shit. So the biggest secret is just enjoy your work without limits. Fuck people who get in your way, you shouldn’t get in your own way. On a more practical level there are many secrets, don't know where to start. I don't take the guitar in my hand unless I absolutely feel the urge to, which makes me make the best melodies. When I play I record everything so nothing gets lost. Then I select thee most elite melodies and make songs with them so there is no mediocrity. I also steal a lot from orchestral composers, like for example I put a track they did on my DAW and imitate all the parts with my guitars, and delete the track and add drums and Vox. I am very creative, millions of approaches like these, I don't mind sharing them if people want to know, so they aren't secrets really.

SW: Tell us about how and for what reason you started to this project.

-To push boundaries... We started it in high school with my best friend to push the boundaries of audial extremity. We listened to extreme bands but we wanted to exaggerate the things we liked about the extravagant things about metal, which we did. We don't work together anymore, its been ages I talked with him. I have been alone in doing this for a long time.

SW: There is a word as Yayla in Turkish. Is this the same Yayla or does it have any other meaning in another language?

-It is the same word, and we named it when we were 16. I do not believe in meanings to be a constant, like the swastika, how it used to mean peace etc. Now the general public identifies it with Nazism. I used that word to signify my love for nature and disdain for humanity as in not giving a fuck what people thought.

SW: Were you expecting that kind of a huge reaction from the fans while you were recording the album?

-Of course I was, I spent a lot of time and effort on making and promoting it. I think it should have had even more of a reaction but maybe next time. People are generally not very ready for the work that I make so at the same time it’s a miracle that it gets covered at all.

SW: What is the place of music in your life. Is your life and your experiences also an
influence for your music?

-Yes it is very intertwined with my life. My music is all about me and my life and how I see life and everything. The music I listen to influence my life greatly as well. It is a sublimation tool I use not to do mass murder. But then again, everything is a tool for me.

SW: I know that you are also in fine arts. This makes you multidirectional and probably
drawing is a part of your music creating process. Am I right?

-Everything I make influence other things I make on multiple levels. I paint as I learn things about making music and the music through film, vice versa etc.

SW: The second song took my attention. Is it just a song title or do you really think that
everyday is death for us? If yes, then why?

-Yes but death is a good thing.

SW: These are my questions bro. We will be pleased to hear if there are more to add.

-BJK is the greatest, there is no other. 


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