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SW: Hails to the heroes of Anatolian land. I am so proud to make this interview with you. Before starting to ask my questions, I want to congratulate you for the successful 2016 album ‘Börübay’. Totally charming. Please tell us from the start point of the project. What is the main reason for you to choosing old Turkish myths for your music?

Berk: First of all thanks very much for your kind words.Actually i don’t remember  how did i combined ancient Turkic materials and metal music.But it is not mean we will keep our music always same.. our style is not rigid. We will float on folk/death/doom/even thrash waters : ))  2017 is year of this project founded as Yaşru. Changes are absolute

SW: After the album released, you had some live performances. What was the reaction of the fans to the live shows?

Ömer: Actually,it is a huge thing for me. Despite the technical difficulties and delays on some concerts, you can see the involment of the people right in the eye on the stage and people come from various different regions of Turkey just to see us. It still gives me chills.

SW: Is it possible for us to see an LP version for the release ‘Börübay’?

Berk: I realy don’t know. Actually i am not sure label company will release it as LP.

SW: I heard that you are working on a new album. As a following album to the debut album, what should fans expect from the release?

Ömer: It is going to be a more diversed than previous album. We have some fast, thrashy songs aside from folk/doom stuff and we’re trying how the parts and instruments stuff like that sits on a mix better. The album is going to take time for sure but it’ll be worth it. 

SW: What are the reactions to the ‘Börübay’ from all around the world?

Berk:that was realy good , most of time i ‘ve seen amazed and glad thoughts.
i think  , seeing Turkish folk/doom band interesting experience for them.

SW: Which version of the album releases do you prefer? LP, CD or TAPE?

Berk: i prefer CD format. LP AND TAPE format is choosing of people who is realy interested in archive.

SW: What is the main approach should be if a musician wants to create something sounds different from the other bands?

Ömer: Personally if a song feels good, sounds good i’ll chase right after it. Even if the small nuances could lead to something different. The major thing however is finding and creating a concept that people needs but does not aware of that. For us it’s the myths of the Turkic culture. Then there’s other topics such as instrumental creativity, the sound etc etc… Like I said, even a small neance could help.

SW: Do you think that your band making it to the success that you aimed at the beggining?

Berk: Not realy.. sadly , i haven’t seen support enough to arrive our target.. maybe i will never  see  it.

SW: These are our questions bro. Thanks for your answers. Any last words?

Berk: Thanks very much for your honest interview. regards.

Live photos by Özgür Altınkaynak

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