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SW: Hails from Stormwind. It is a pleasure for me to make an interview with you because the new album just released and everything about it is fresh. Tell us about the recording sessions and your inspirations.

Greetings to you Cem and readers of Strom Wind fanzine, Recording process was pretty straight forward nothing special, we hit Hokedun`s abyss and record the new EP and we had such an amazing time, alcohol, laughter, frustration and etc..

SW: Is the aura of the English land that you are living has an effect on the music that you are creating?

On yeah spot on sir J England`s depressing weather is the best source of my inspiration J especially druing long dark black winter nights, we get snow here occasinonaly which is a shame but nevermind. I adore midnight and silence i would say best time of the day.

SW: With a personal music project, you offer to the fans a huge world. Is there a possibility for us to hear Hokedun’s beautiful melodies live?

I must confess that is my dream to perform our songs in front of our fans, but we have a line up and time problem, we are pretty struggling, but you never know life is full of surprises maybe one day.

SW: Which is better for you? To work with a band crew or making the art all by your self?

All by myself makes everything a lot better and easier, but me an Ed get on very well so that sues the case.

SW: What should be our expectations from the new album ‘Bleak and harrowing journey’ as fans?

It is not an album it is an EP J well, ambient old school black metal.

SW: What is the place of the music in your life? Is it just an hobby or the real way to express yourself?

I must admit it is more than a hobby i wish i can take it as a career but it looks impossible for timebeing, well, beside metal music i am a flamenco guitarist also, i am a big music lover and music is the best mental theraphy for me.  

SW: As a musician, which ways do you choose to create something that fans will find interesting?

I am doing my best, i love listening to other kinds of music and i am so much into ethnic instruments as well, that is all i can say.

SW: These are my questions bro. Thank you very much for your interest. If you have last words to add, it will be a pleasure for us to hear them. 

No i must Thank you for this nice interview, you can check us out on;

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