Tuesday, July 25, 2017



M: Hi. First of I all I want to thank you very much for requesting our interview. Well lets start with first question. I see some photos from old Persian Empire in your myspace page. Are you from Iran?

Warchild: Yes I am from Iran. My parents are anyway, I was born in America.

M: Breaking the Wheel album is really amazing. Fast as hell. Tell us about the album recording session please.

Warchild: It was awesome, took some time to record at Sam's house and Jon Norberg's home studio. We recorded it very raw and the speed came from the songwriting. The songs were meant to be fast like that.

M: I guess the band has two members. Does Eliminator play live performence? If not will there be live performances later?

Warchild: Right now there is a lineup being solidified. In time we will play shows when we have all the equipment for our new bassist.

M: Please tell us about the reaction of thrash fans all around the world for the album.

Warchild: The reaction has been very positive. Some people think we are the best new thrash band in the world so that was a surprise. Since we did not tour to support the first album due to other life obligations, it did not succeed as well as the other bands in the new scene. However, it has gotten recognition internationally.

M: Which format of the album sold more? LP or CD?

Warchild: The LP sold well but the CD is now sold out for some time.  There will be a repress and a future rerecording of the tracks.

M: Following the glorious Breaking the wheel, when will we hear new material from Eliminator?

Warchild: We are in the process of finalizing the second LP, so hopefully by the end of this year there should be a release.

M: I see you worked with Repka for the album cover painting. Did you give the idea to him or did he read the lyrics and designed it free?

Warchild: The original design was my idea but Repka contributed his own idea. I said it was cool and he went wild with it.

M: What is your main aim for the future of Eliminator?

Warchild: The main aim is to put out at least one album a year if not more, and tour in the future. That is basically it...constantly write and release music to the metal community

M: Do you have contacts with other thrash bands? Do you have the environment in your city which Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Sepultura has 25 years ago?

Warchild: I have very little contact with other thrash bands, so no!

M: Please let us hear some last words for the Turkish thrash fans.

Warchild: Keep banging your heads, rock hard and keep metal alive forever. It has a purpose!

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