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M: Hi. First of I all I want to thank you very much for requesting our interview. How is the Black Metal scene in Greece these days?
First of all thank u for the interview. The new scene has nothing to do with the old scene that i admired in the early 90'. Quantity but no quality. I respect only the older bands from our scene..the new bands even are musically good, they lack of a strong background in philoshophy themes. thats why black metal differs from the other kinds of music

M: I think that the Greece black metal is much more different than classic Norvegian black metal and most of the other countries. It has a different atmosphere. What do you think?

YES indeed.. the hellenic scene gives much more value in the atmosphere , but the others give to blast..

M: You changed your name from Stutthof to Acherontas. May you please tell us why you baptised your bands name as Acherontas? What is the meaning of Acherontas?
Acherontas was the river and the bridge that unites the living world with the world of the dead. IT was the gate to the underworld ,the name changed for estheticall reasons , and that our philoshophy from the beginning of the band at 1996 was dealing with occultismm and not NS , but our ex name was a very good propaganda for the perfect and lovely race of god.

M: What are the reaction of your fans to new album?

As i know from many reviewes and some reports from our label the reactions are very good

M: I see you have some material about Eygpt in your new album. May you tell us what are the stories telling in new album?

Our lyrics in the last album deals generally with occultism. but many themes have benn taken from old traditions and mysteries that take place in summeria.Like the after life existance and many necromantical arts

M: Are there any differents between Stutthof lyrics and Acherontas lyrics?

Not at all, only the name chenged nothing else
M: What do you do in your ordinary days excluding music?

Living my life enjoy and master as a predator, trying to live as creative entity
M: May you please let us know a little about true occult black art? If this is more than a lyric inspiration, just let us know what you have at the other side of the black door.

Occultism is way of life, it cannot be described in few words, its a way of action..

M: These are our questions.Do you have something to add?

Check our split with necromantia which is already out, a split with leviathan coming out on march and also my project nihasa .. for more details visit our websites 

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