Thursday, October 5, 2017



* Hi bro, please let us know about the Colombian metal scene.

Hi, thx a lot for interview. Well, colombian metal scnene right now is very strong. A lot of great gigs and fest are happening here. The most owerful band over the world want to play in Colombia and South America and this is great. Also very important say, that all days born good band here. Right now the bands want to record, rehearse and go out to concerts. things like that are the ones that help a scene grow and remain as one of the most important of the world that has seen the birth of the most powerful bands in some genres.

*You have six full lenght album and a new one is on the way. How is the reaction to your music all around the world?

We have some friends and fans around the world who always be allert about our releases and other. We think peole and metal maniacs around the world show a great reaction about our music and our merch. We sent packets with our music or merch every week to more than 22 countries and this is great for us.

*Which Revenge album is your favorite?

For me, the best Revenge album is right now the seventh album “Spitting Fire”. I find in this new album a great sound and a lot of positive things that is not in the past albums. Also, the lyrics and music compositions are very good and the most important over all thing is that the band is very exciting about this release.

*Which edition of albums do you prefer to collect? Tape, Cd or lp?

I prefer collect only Lps Versions. I do not know if it's an obsession or what it may be, but I feel a special magic in that format

*What do you think about the illegally downloading albums  on internet?

Bad, is very bad. For independet artist, and independent artist in Metal is very very bad. Illegaly downloads does much damage to the artist because it does not allow him to have an economic reach and also loses the interest of the people in collecting the physical format.

*Do you have connection with other bands in your country? Is there a metal brother support between bands in Colombia?

Yes, we can say free, we have friends of all colombian metal bands. Possibly we have some difference in ideology with some members of other bands but finally we are friends of all the bands of the country. I think that sometimes there are members of bands that do not know how to do things or make them bad and that sometimes we criticize but we respect those decisions a lot.

*What was the main target for Revenge and at the beginning and at which point of that path is the band right now?

Well, Immediately we want to try to reach our friends and followers with the new album and expect to be able to move quite well between the world scenes. We have 3 major concerts pending in Colombia with bands like Accept, Sodom, Satyrico, among others. We want to make good shows and wait for the reissues of the new album that will arrive in format vinyl and tape. After that and the beginning of 2018 we hope we can go out and do some concerts outside the country

*These are my questions bro. Any last words?

Thx a lot for this interview. We want to greet and hail to all Metal Maniacs who are reading this lines and make invitation them to know us and to listen to our music, maybe someday we'll meet and share some beers.

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