Monday, October 30, 2017



*Hi bro, please let us know about the underground scene in Kansas City.

There isn't much to tell! We haven't played here since 2010. It's a nice place to live, though.

*Please tell us about creating process of the latest album The Unburiable Dead and what’s the reactions of the fans?

Many believe it's our best album yet. It is a very strong album!

*What is that illustration represent on album cover?

The artist is George Grosz. It represents the result of war. Destruction, suffering and death!

*You are working on a new album these days. What would we expect from the new material?

Yes, we're working on a new album now. The songs are heavier, faster and darker than anything we've done before. You're going to love it!

*Which edition of albums do you prefer to collect? Cassette, Cd, lp or picture disc?

It always depends on the band in question. Old school stuff I prefer to have on LP.

*Which death metal bands are your favorites from 90’s and present day?

I lose track of which bands are from the '90s and which became known in the '90s.

*Ares Kingdom was created in 1996. What changed in those years? Are you satisfied about the place that Ares Kingdom came in metal scene?

Sure, we occupy a unique place in the underground. There is no other band like like us, and that is a great thing.

*Which bands are you in contact with in Usa and other countries?

Lots. Most are old friends. Destroyer 666, Pentacle, Watain, Adorior, Rotting Christ, Varathron, Begrime Exemious, and many others we've toured with or played shows with.

*Ares Kingdom is a precious diamond in my opinion. I like all of your material especially LP records with diehard editions. Which format of the albums are choosen by the fans most?

When it comes to LPs, fans really like the die hard versions. We do, too, because we get to pack a lot of cool stuff in them.

*These are my questions bro. Any last words?

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